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1 room apartment for sale in Tivat, Montenegro for 52,360 listing #620930

Mei 30, 2023 | Taxi Rent |

Via us, you can book a car directly from national (local) rental companies. Tour operators, network companies and international distributors also book cars from these local companies. And everyone adds their interest to the final price.


https://taxi-travel.me/We offer you deals from local car rental companies in Petrovac and neighbouring towns. You gain by renting a specific car, not just a random car of a certain class like in the international companies of Montenegro. There are more and more tourists every year and many are Russian-speaking. Large hotels, villas and apartments make up nearly the entire city.

Also, you can rent a car without a security deposit. If you have additional questions, please read our frequently asked questions and terms and conditions of car rent. The entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is a bit rocky, so it is recommended to wear aqua shoes. The beach автобусная станция тиват stretches on the
sunny coast, within the boundaries of the settlement, it is not difficult to get to it. If your stay is located not far from the beach, you can reach it by walking. In this case you will not be tied to finding parking or to the schedule of public transport.

EE24 is a directory of real estate in Europe for foreign buyers. We do not sell real estate, but place offers from agencies and private buyers, providing buyers with direct access to the European real estate market.

Tour operators, hotels and agencies will charge a lot for car rental in Petrovac. Besides, they cannot offer you a large selection of car models, you will have only a few options. It is a short straight coastline with crystal turquoise water and gray pebble,
so it is recommended to wear special shoes. The sharpness of entering the water is quite normal. This beach is suitable for different
categories of people, lonely travellers, relaxation getaway lovers

What is the water and sand quality of the Plyazh Zhanitse?

In the high season this may cause some discomfort, due to the large influx of tourists. Plyazh Zhanitse is in the 1th place out of 29
beaches in the
Herceg Novi Municipality region
6.9 km away from its center, the city of
Herceg Novi. It is one of the beaches of
Zanjica settlement, just
0.4 km from its center.

This will help to save up to 1000€ when you rent a car in Montenegro.

The rental company manager will meet you on arrival to hand over the car. There are 4 attractions near Plyazh Zhanitse that are popular https://taxi-travel.me/ with travelers. The beachline of Plyazh Zhanitse is covered with gray pebbles. It’s relatively clean, the surface is pure and unmixed.

In August it is almost impossible to find and rent a room, let alone an apartment. Family travelers should consider the following features of the beach. The beach is completely occupied by a resort area with a paid entrance, which has all the infrastructure. It’s covered with pebbles and the entrance to the water is gentle. Plyazh Zhanitse is located in Herceg Novi Municipality
within Zanjica, which makes it
easily accessible and therefore popular among travelers.

If you are traveling by car just use your navigator. In any case, do not forget about the availability
of public transport and taxis. Your car can be rented in advance in Podgorica or Tivat and will be delivered to the airport.

This beach is easily accessible, it is located very close to road. Parking is located at some distance, within 300 meters. A significant part of the beach is occupied by beach clubs with limited access The beach facilities are only available to visitors of resort area. Their list includes, loungers and umbrellas, beach restaurant, changing rooms, showers, toilets.

Herceg Novi Municipality, check other popular beaches

During the season this beach line is supervised by a lifeguard. The roads are paved and comfortable, but tourists often notice that the asphalt is slippery even when it’s not raining. The stopping distance is much longer on a winding road, and local drivers often don’t turn on blinkers on sharp turns. It makes no sense to rent an expensive and powerful car in Montenegro. The roads are narrow, the speed limit is 80 km/h and overtaking is prohibited almost everywhere. Use Virtlo mobile application to quickly find nearby bus station in Montenegro and surroundings.

In most cases, the question What to do on Plyazh Zhanitse implies the presence of any excursions or
near the beach. Of course in this area there are lots of places to go besides the beach. There are historical,
entertainment and even gastronomic tours offered by local guides. More information is better to clarify directly
on the spot. 6 more beaches are also available within a 5 km radius. The best one is Bambi beach,
which has a rating of 6.7.

The beach is
located in an urban area with very picturesque views, among the mountains. To find out more details about our service, read our client’s testimonials of car rental in Petrovac. It’s easy to rent a car in Petrovac or any other city, but it’s better to do it in advance, for example, through our website.

You will save up to 47% if you book a car directly through our online service. International companies like Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Europcar are actively promote rental cars through travel agencies and airports. Their cars are worn out, and their rental prices are higher. It is better to book cars in advance to save some money. Use the advanced search to rent a car you want in Petrovac for a good price in just 5 minutes.

Tourists traveling from the airports usually take a taxi. Private taxi drivers at the airports charge far more than if you book a taxi in advance. There are 4 restaurants nearby.Куба Либре is the closest place located 100 meters from the beach. During the high season, the beach can get very crowded, making it an unsuitable place for those looking for a relaxing holiday.

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