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Airport taxi service from and to Podgorica Airport

April 10, 2023 | Taxi Rent |

The prices quoted on this page are fixed and fully incisive. Book your private transfer from Tirana Airport to Podgorica and save up to 40% compared to a local metered taxi. The first taxi service in Podgorica with online ordering. Avoid ordering a taxi by phone, it is more expensive. 24/7, free cancellation, no extra costs, fixed prices, child seats, friendly driver. Book your taxi transfer from Belgrade or Belgrade airport to Podgorica, Montenegro.

This is a large-scale fortification, located in the area of \u200b\u200bStara Varosh. For four hundred years of Ottoman occupation, the fortress was strengthened many times, modernized. However, after the liberation, the local population literally stole a building on stones, leaving only ruins. If you want to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the capital, put on comfortable, athletic shoes and go for a walk. Since the city of Podgorica in Montenegro is better to get acquainted only slowly walking, inhaling the aroma of the streets, touching the walls of houses and admiring the picturesque scenery. You can get to the city comfortably by taxi; you will have to pay an average of 15 euros.

Drivers in the local taxi are correct, many of them speak a foreign language, which is not the case with older taxi drivers, driving can be normal or fast, which can lead to stress. Many people think that VAN rental services are not in high demand and are mistaken, because there are cases when you cannot do without a car. For example, if you are in a place where it is inconvenient or difficult to move by public transport, the only way out is to rent a Minivan.

Get informed about airport accessibility and services provided for people with disabilities. The most economical way to travel to Оребич is by bus. Shared transport options will be more budget friendly as you will be sharing the travel with other passengers.


Choosing CARNGO rent a car, you can expect that you will have at your disposal a fully serviceable car, with a clean and well-groomed interior, ready for any trip. Taxi Dubrovnik – Radulovic Ltd  provides private airport passenger transfer services. Booking in advance is the best and easiest way to secure a worry-free transfer to your  destination, and a great vacation start. If you don’t want to travel by bus, a private transfer from Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” in Serbia is a good option. Belgrade and Podgorica are  7 hours of driving away from each other.

IDP is the equivalent of your driver’s license and can be used worldwide. Make sure your driver’s license has a normal life and a neat appearance. Keep in mind that the Montenegro police work responsibly and has the right to review your documents without the necessary reasons. There is no public bicycle rental network in the city, and no private offices either. Montenegrins call bicycles about “bicycles”, you can ask at the hotel – perhaps the owners will provide such a service or allow them to ride their own. To search for offers on rented cottages, villas, houses, apartments or private rooms by individuals in the Montenegrin Podgorica and the surrounding area, you can use the service.

How to get from Tirana to Podgorica

If you are facing short-term movements within the city, the financial side of the issue is not so important, and then in this case, taxi services will be quite enough. Using a taxi, in most cases, you will quickly get to your destination. Minivan is the most capacious type of passenger cars. To take full advantage of this transport, it is enough to rent it and enjoy a comfortable ride with passengers.

Serbian man confesses to killing eight in shooting rampage … – Reuters

Serbian man confesses to killing eight in shooting rampage ….

Posted: Sat, 06 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In this text you can find some basic information about the capital of Montenegro. Learn about culture and history, and also find out some geographic and demographic information. For those who are coming by car, check how and where you can be informed about road conditions or get a help. Reed here more information about Montenegrin capital.

Instant services for Podgorica Airport

Book your taxi at Podgorica Airport through Taxi2Airport, an online booking platform for reliable and reasonable priced airport transfers. No stress, your driver meets you inside the airport, all rates are inclusive and cancellation is free. Our wide selection https://taxi-travel.me/ of carefully selected local companies offer a wide variety of transport options suitable for all budgets from economical shared bus rides to chauffeur services. Attractions in Podgorica are compact, so you can visit and explore them yourself, on foot.

This is especially true if it is a place with a large number of architectural monuments that you can’t see in a few days without a car. Each driver must have a driver’s license and an open category of passenger transport in order to use Van cars in Podgorica. Cars with 9 or more places require a special category of driver’s license. Each driver must be at least 21 years old and pay an additional fee if at the time of rental he is not 25 years old.

Montenegro’s young guard aims to speed up EU accession – Financial Times

Montenegro’s young guard aims to speed up EU accession.

Posted: Sun, 28 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

You will always see mountains in the distance, spots of bright greenery around and fresh streams of the Morachi River. Those who want to study the history of the capital in more detail are welcomed by the museum, which contains exhibits demonstrating the life and traditions of citizens. The clothes, books, jewelry presented in the museum were found during archaeological excavations. If you already got to Stara Varos, pay attention to the Clock Tower – this is the only thing that still recalls the period of the Ottoman Empire.

(MNE) Montenegro

We offer private shuttle transfer from Podgorica to Dubrovnik. All our transfers in Podgorica, from Podgorica or to Dubrovnik, are private and shared only with your family, friends or colleagues, without any passenger that you don’t know. How is organized public transport and what is better to use? Where are bus stops, in which directions buses driving? Is local taxi service available in Podgorica after midnight and at which price are transfers?

Thanks to this, the settlement grew rapidly and grew economically, and arts and sciences developed in the city. The city is located at the confluence of several rivers – Moraca, Zeta, Rybnitsa and Sitnitsa – in the fertile Zeta Valley, surrounded by several small hills. The city owes its name to these hills, the fact is that a large hill in the Montenegrin language sounds like a “mountaineer”, therefore “under a mountaineer” literally means “under a hill”. The best-rated tourist club, Shass, is located on Sloboda Street, and you can also visit Camelot and Irish Pub.

Trip: Safe and comfortable to your destination

Friendly and responsible staff will receive your online request and proceed according to the procedure. Traveling from or to Podgorica using our taxi company we guarantee stress free journey, pleasant voyage with real professionals. High-capacity wagons are designed to travel on city roads around Podgorica, but they are also suitable for traveling by small companies or families.

Construction work lasted ten years, and was completed only in 2013. The grandeur, architecture and interior of the cathedral make a powerful impression on visitors. Be sure to go inside and look at the wall paintings, icons, feel the pacifying atmosphere. In the center of the capital of Montenegro, the Republic Square, in the middle of which there is a fountain, is curling.

What customers say about Airport City Transfer

The settlement was called Ribnitsa and existed until the XIV century. Around 1330, Ribnitsa was captured by representatives of the Nemanic dynasty from Serbia and renamed Podgorica. In the period from 1361 to 1421, princes from Montenegro came to power. Then the vassal of the Ottoman Empire Stefan Lazarevich came to power, he was replaced by a descendant of the Brankovich dynasty Juraj Brankovich.

This map and route are for information purposes only, with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness. The transport company retains absolute discretion to choose the route to your destination. Distance and travel times are only indicative between origin and destination points. Driver was waiting with name board and spoke good english. The day of your trip, your transport will be waiting for you for a simple, stress-free journey to your destination. Outside the capital, there are also some interesting places.

Due to the height of the body and spaciousness of the cabin, even long trips in this type of car do not cause discomfort and fatigue. Despite the high capacity, driving a minivan does not require a special driver’s license for the bus, because formally it is a light transport. If you are planning to move to a new home, or you need to transport bulky cargo, this can be quite expensive. Rent a minivan at an affordable price from us and get a vehicle that is perfect for your purposes. Our website offers a wide selection of minivans with a large amount of free space, which allows you to carry not only luggage and cargo, but also passengers. When the driver arrives at your address, he will be waiting for you in a taxi and will only leave if you have a suitcase to put in the trunk of the vehicle.

The coastal towns and mountain resorts of Montenegro are only an hour’s drive from the city, making this an ideal starting point for a day trip anywhere in Montenegro. Each of our taxi drivers from Podgorica is qualified to provide you with some basic information about the places you passing through. But if you want to explore Montenegro a bit more, then visit website My Guide Montenegro. Local information about attractive spots in Montenegro can be found here, provided by the first-hand experience written by their professional team. Each additional driver must pay an average fee of $8 per day and is also required to have all documents and a driver’s license. If your driver’s license contains a non-Roman alphabet, we recommend that you obtain an International Driving Permit in your country in order to use rental VANs around the world safely.

Taxi in Podgorica you may also use to travel from other locations towards Montenegrin capital. Our chauffeur will wait for you at the airport exit, reception desk or other scheduled meeting point. He will provide you with an excellent transport through Montenegro or to any resort in neighboring countries. Dispatch center of our transfer service in Podgorica is staffed 24 hours a day. Please write an email using English or Montenegrin language.

Enter the details of your desired transfer in the booking form. You will instantly see the prices and available cars for your private transfer. Public transport from airports does not actually go – you will have to get by taxi.

It did not spread over the territory of two countries at once – Montenegro and Albania. Km – belongs to Montenegro, where it is part of the national park. You can book a suitable hotel room directly on the site within a few minutes.

In 1918, after the deposition of the royal family, a historical event occurred – the unification of Serbia and Montenegro. A new state appeared on the political map of the world – Yugoslavia, and Podgorica became the center for organizing a revolutionary uprising. If you are looking for a new tourist destination that combines a variety of experiences, visit Montenegro and be amazed with its stunning nature, people and culture.

Now between him and Moscow there is no direct regular communication, you will have to fly with a transfer. Air Serbia offers a flight with a departure from Sheremetyevo and a transfer in Belgrade; total travel time 4.5 hours one way. Direct flights from Domodedovo are carried out by Sibir together with Montenegro Airlines, такси подгорица from Sheremetyevo – Aeroflot, and from Vnukovo – Victory. The old quarters of Stara Varos and Drach are especially interesting. There are many museums, palace complexes, monuments and cultural institutions in Podgorica. Place where you can rent a car, get a taxi, reserve an airport transfer or excursion in Montenegro.

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