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Apartment DYKLEY GARDENS Будва, Черногория, Vacation Rentals

Januari 24, 2023 | Taxi Rent |

You can get from Budva to Becici on foot by going through a pedestrian tunnel decorated with dozens of different graffiti. But before that, be sure to look at the lookout point. Climb the stairs to the Duklya beach car park and head towards this 📍place.


https://taxi-travel.me/IDP is the equivalent of your driver’s license and can be used worldwide. Make sure your driver’s license has a normal life and a neat appearance. Keep in mind that the Montenegro police work responsibly and has the right to review your documents without the necessary reasons. Montenegro has a public bus transport system – intercity and within each region.

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Depending on the size of your company, as well as on your personal wishes, you can choose both group and individual excursions with a personal guide. If your vacation in Montenegro lasts more than a week, we recommend you give the preference to apartments with their own kitchen and washing machine. The cost of renting apartments in a beach season in Budva, as a rule, starts from € 50, you can find cheaper options, but living conditions there will be very poor. This district is the most famous and presentable, because the spirit of old Budva has been preserved here. Cobbled streets, narrow passages and magnificent views will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the southern Balkans.

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If you want to travel via capital of Montenegro, you’ll be able to visit old royal capital Cetinje, or national park Skadar Lake. Cetinje is cultural and historical capital of Montenegro, and its museums simply will fascinate you. Lake Skadar is a natural bird reserve, and boat tour on the lake are very popular. In Podgorica you can see some of the city attractions, Millennium Bridge, Wine cellar Plantaze, Temple of Christ’s resurrection etc. Than your trip by taxi started in Budva towards Tirana – Albania, continue to Bozaj / Hani Hotit border crossing, and to Shkoder. Montenegro is a very beautiful country, so if you want to feel its flavor, we advise you to go on at least 1-2 excursions outside of Budva.

If you take a budget tour to Budva, then it will cost you less than a self-organized trip. But if you want nice apartments or a good hotel, then in some cases a self-organized weekend will be more profitable. On average, такси будва expect that in Budva you will need euros / day per person (this is food + sunbeds + excursions). Most organizations that provide rental services will offer you a wide choice of cars of various classes, types and models.

If you use them, make sure you insist the meter is turned on. There are a lot of different places in Budva where you can have a delicious meal. As a rule, no matter what restaurant or cafe you go to, you will be warmly welcomed and fed everywhere. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution, then this operator is perfect for you. The cost of a SIM card starts from 6.9 EUR for 5 GB of Internet. If you need constant access to the mobile Internet, then you will need to buy a local SIM card or order roaming.

Book A Premium Taxi Ride To Budva, Becici, Milocer, Rafailovici, Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen) or Przno

All the seats are comfortable, spacious, and cleverly designed. This used to be one of the best taxi companies in Budva, This year though I stopped using them. The drivers are saying no meter and giving a fixed fee which is roughly double what the fare should be.

Always ask taxi drivers for an approximate cost in advance and do not get fooled by the “taximeter” so as not to get into unpleasant situations. The average fare for Budva in the season is € 1 per km and € 1 for the start of the trip. Taxi from Budva to airport Tirana – Rinas, or to city center is preferable to schedule at least three hours in advance. During this time we will try to ensure the most comfortable car and most experienced driver available at the moment.

If you are looking for a new tourist destination that combines a variety of experiences, visit Montenegro and be amazed with its stunning nature, people and culture. https://taxi-travel.me/ Budva has shopping centers where various small-sized shops are located. You will not find huge shopping malls here, but nevertheless there is a choice.

You can get to Montenegro by train from Moscow. In summer, one car is added to the Moscow-Budapest train, which will be in Bar in 62 hours. Trains run from Belgrade to Bar – daytime and evening. In Belgrade, you can stay for 1-2 days for sightseeing. Be careful and ask the price before you take taxi. In the winter season, ideal weather sets in on the coast to explore the mountains and fortresses (and there are a lot of them in Montenegro).

Now the entrance to it is free, but its appearance is far from ideal, and nevertheless, you can touch the history and enjoy the breathtaking view of the western coast of the Budva Riviera. It offers the most beautiful panoramic view of Budva. It is located on the outskirts of the old city, so be sure to look here.

Prices start from 60 € per night, depending on the conditions of residence. It is worth noting that the All-inclusive system is not popular here, so do not pay much attention to this filter when choosing accommodation. Montenegrin is the most popular language along with Serbian, but many residents are fluent in Russian and English, so, as a rule, there are no difficulties with communication. The choice of the district for recreation in Budva will depend on your preferences.

Taxi Dubrovnik – Radulovic Ltd  provides private airport passenger transfer services. Booking in advance is the best and easiest way to secure a worry-free transfer to your  destination, and a great vacation start. Consider the options when the pluses of car rental before using a taxi are obvious and vice versa. If you are facing short-term movements within the city, the financial side of the issue is not so important, and then in this case, taxi services will be quite enough. Using a taxi, in most cases, you will quickly get to your destination.

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