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How much does a trip to Budva cost? Daily, 3-days and weekly cost to visit Budva 2023

Mei 12, 2023 | Taxi Rent |

Statue of ballerina is well know on a road to Mogren beach . It is also interesting to visit island st Nikola in front of Old Town and you have taxi boats just on a small local https://taxi-travel.me/ port every 15 minutes. Take a walk a little bit around, part without beach equipment is the most interesting, with a sea rocks where you can do meditation and take sun.

In the busiest airport of the country, there are shops where you can do last-minute shopping, sufficient number of cafes and restaurants. Offering all standard services that may be expected by an airport passenger, Tivat International Airport has some new development projects ongoing in order to catch the development of the city. As there are many other touristic places around and nearby the city, most of the visitors of Tivat prefer renting a car to visit all those places freely and comfortably.


https://taxi-travel.me/We made time to see the Archaeology Museum, the Historical Museum and Art Museum, which are all located close to one another in the Vladin Dom. A good place to start is the central square where there are lots of little shops and outdoor cafes, once hydrated, walk a short distance North to the Vlaska (Vlah) Church on Baja Pivljanina. Once you have recovered from the bus journey, and have landed back on terra ferma, there is a lot to explore here, its all well signposted and the centre is a short walk from the main bus station. Although the capital of the country is Podgorica the president actually lives here in Cetinje and its here where many government and cultural events take place. The town has a really vibrant, busy feel that although it seems on top of the world, doesn’t feel too far removed from it. One part of a beach is sandy and other is rocky and cover with forest .

Reserving a taxi in Budva

According to a legend, the author of this icon is considered to be Sveti Luka (St. Luke), while according to expert opinions, this icon dates from the 13th or 14th century. According to tradition, the Church dedicated to the birth of St. John the Baptist was originally built in the form of a rotunda during the 7th century. It underwent significant changes during the 12th, 15th, 17th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Today’s building originates from the end of the 17th century.

A stone tablet with the inscription 1141 (the year the church was built) was discovered after the earthquake in 1979. It is one of the oldest pre-Romanesque churches on the Adriatic Coast. Founded in 840, it was originally part of the Benedictine monastery.

Old Town Budva is really beautiful, today we will give you a tips how on a best way to experience Budva, beaches nearby Budva, restaurants, nightlife, culture through eyes of the locals. This festival transforms the entire old town with its picturesque squares and churches into an intimate open-air venue for various theatre plays, music programs, and literary events. At the “Poet’s Square”, you can find poets and creators performing and conversing with the audience (not only in the local language). Enclosing cafés and churches galore, the town walls are peered down upon by a series of hulking peaks.

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The internal arrangement of Budva Old Town inside the city walls is consistent with the design of many calcareous Old Towns built along the coastline of the Balkan Peninsula. The Old Town at Budva was organised around a Public Square which is located in the south-eastern quarter. The citadel at Budva was also adjacent to the Public Square. The space of the public square facilitated organisation when the Old Town of Budva was confronted by external threats. Urban living within the Old Town was served by a rectangular network of very narrow lanes. The lanes have not been widened and so it is impossible to take a vehicle into the Old Town.

The Saint John Church traces its roots to a church built in the 7th century. Its current appearance dates back to the 17th century and consists of the church building, the bell tower, and the Bishop’s palace. It was used as a cathedral by the Budva Bisphoric until 1828.

Budva City Guide 2023

The shoulder season in Budva is April, May, October, and November. For the best experience, we recommend staying near the Old Town (the castle marker on the map below). If you don’t stay in the Old Town, we recommend staying near the sea.

Ever since Montenegro has become an independent country in 2006, tourist arrivals have skyrocketed, especially on the Budva Riviera, receiving about half of all tourists. Most people come for the beautiful beaches and Mediterranean climate. Budva’s old town is characterized by a network of narrow streets that fight their way to one of the six remaining city gates. Four gates are facing north (Porta Pizana, Porta Pizana 1 and 2, and Porta Pizanella), one small gate in direction of the Richard’s Head Beach, and the main city gate ‘Porta di Terra Ferma’ faces west. For more inspirational travel tips check our Rough Guide books. If you travel further in Montenegro, read more about the best time to go and the best places to visit in Montenegro.

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Should you be looking for things to do in Budva, then you will find the beaches and clubs appealing. Located along a peninsula, there is a stunning shoreline of around 17 beaches, glistening blue waters, offshore islands and limestone mountains serving as the backdrop. Famous car rental companies such as Budget / Avis, Express, Panek, Enterprise, Dollar, Europcar, Hertz, Thrifty, Joka and Sixt are located in Terminal T1 of Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport. The name of the domestic car rental company at the airport is Easy Terra Car Rental. You can rent a car from Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport and get to the city center in about minutes.

There are a number of buildings and monuments with period architecture to see when you follow Njegoseva Street into the Public Square. The Square is a good vantage point to locate both the Citadel and the eastern wall and its towers along the sea front. The South Gate leads from the beach terra taxi budva via Njegoseva Street to the south-eastern extremity of the town. Clustered nearby are the Churches of St. Ivan (15-18th Century); Santa Maria in Punta of Budva (9th Century); and The Holy Trinity (18-19th Century). If you are travelling alone to Budva, 36 USD a day should be enough.

In tourist areas, traditional meals have largely been pushed out by pizza and pasta, and prices have risen beyond those of neighbouring countries. Traditional restaurants are known as konoba, and can help those willing and able to escape said Italian staples. Despite numerous wars and catastrophes, in the 18th century the monastery was restored thanks to the faith and efforts of the monks and parishioners. Today the Ostrog monastery still remains one of the most amazing places in Montenegro. The depth in some places exceeds 45 metres and people sometimes go scuba diving. There is also a drawback – sometimes there are a lot of tourists here, and you might not have enough time to swim.

That’s why, in Terrae-Taxi, we are focused on providing you with an easy way to get a taxi in Budva, by literally offering all means of communication that could suit you. In addition, our prices are clearly and accurately presented on this web page. Before you check out our prices, this is how you can get a taxi at Terrae-Taxi.

It was the first time since arriving in Croatia that we were enjoying a sea food meal to expectations. Needless to say, there is a plethora of clubs, bars, bistros, restaurants and cafes, along with a Casino. So, during summer nights there would be no end of ways of how to enjoy Budva.

Around Citadel there is 6 churches and one of this is Santa Maria in Punta from IX century. On the right side from Citadel is open theater active in a summer time. The main gate opens up to the old town’s main passage, Njegoševa Street. Following it to the end, you will arrive at the Old Town Citadel from where you will have a picture-perfect view of the old town of Budva and the Adriatic sea. The entire old town is surrounded by medieval city walls similar to those in Kotor and other cities on the Adriatic coast.

The historical structure of Budva Old Town is very evident including its gates, Public Square, churches, citadel, and enclosing city wall with ramparts and towers. Internally, the Old Town is a maze of pedestrian-only limestone thoroughfares that cut through what is now a commercial precinct comprising shops, cafes and restaurants. Probably one of the main tourist sights here in Certinje is the Cetinje Monastery, it was demolished in the late 1600’s by the Venetians but rebuilt with the original stone. Where the original monastery stood is now a lovely little church called Church of the Birth of Our Lady which is worth a visit to see the beautiful golden iconostatis from Russia.

The architecture of Budva is not as memorable as you go inland and away from the Old Town and the Adriatic Sea. Following the suggested itinerary will take you past all 16 of the Best Things to See in Budva and through much of the Old Town! Depending on your level of urgency, you could complete the walking tour in less than an hour. This estimate allows time to stop for photos and take a peak inside the churches, but it does not include tours of the City Museum or the Citadel. These attractions will take approximately 1hr each – so you can see pretty much everything in Budva in 3hrs or less. Near the hotel Avala there are the remains of a Roman necropolis from the 5th century B.C.

Octobers are usually mild as well and the water should not be too cold for swimming. It might be too hot in July and August to visit some of the cultural landmarks for some people. Of all of the coastal towns in Montenegro, Budva is probably the most controversial. Some visitors may find Budva disappointing with all those ‘towering unattractive apartment buildings’ and don’t like the fact that Budva is a very touristic area during peak season.

It was built in several phases and was once an important strategic structure. The Bell Tower of the Church of St. Ivan dominates the Old Town. The text MDCCCL (1850) in its square base indicates the year construction began. My Guide Montenegro is part of the global My Guide Network of Online & Mobile travel guides.

Budva is a coastal town on the Adriatic Sea in central Montenegro. It’s about 1 hr west of Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital city, and only 25 min south of Tivat, where the primary airport to access the Montenegrin coastal towns is located. However, we recommend staying at least one night to enjoy dinner and the riva after dark. Of course, there’s plenty to see and do including beach and boating activities during the summer months if you have time for a longer stay. The Budva ramparts got their present appearance at the end of the Middle Ages. The walls surround the entire city center and are connected to the Citadel and defensive towers at the corners of the city.

The primary carnival parade passes along Mediteranska street starting at the main post office opposite the TQ Plaza shopping center and ending at the walls of the old town. There is an accompanying children’s parade held over a shorter section of the same street. If you are ready to burn up the dance floor and squander some cash, you can move on to one of the trendy clubs such as ‘Omnia‘, ‘Top Hill‘, or the ‘Night Club Ambiente‘.

Within a short period of time, you can reach to the Tivat Airport that is only 3 km away from the city center. Taxi is the most preferred way of transportation in the city, because there is no public transportation between the city center and the airport. On the other hand, taxi is a comfortable and fast way of transportation for that short distance; so, public transportation is not needed. Beaches you have around Old Town Budva are Ricardova, Mogren, Pizana and Slovenian Beach . We only recommend Mogren, but here water is usually colder than anywhere else because of underwater currents.

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